The idea of building up an Ultimate club in Paris came into Jérôme’s mind when he was studying in England: he discovered Ultimate as a sport there while playing with Cranfield University team, called Alien Nation. This team was led by Aaron, an guy from USA who was doing a Ph.D.

During summer break, Jérôme often came back to France and spent his free time practicing with several local teams. However, he couldn’t find one that was matching his idea of what Ultimate should be.

Once he heard that Aaron got plans to settle down in Paris, Jérôme decided to make his dream come true: he would start a new Ultimate club that would be both based on his friends, and all the former Cranfield players that were living in Paris at this time. Finding them was easy as pie as Aaron was the master piece of Cranfield Alumni in Paris

Everybody then gathered around dinner, and decision was made to all practice together and start recruiting more players for the club to be viable. Jérôme introduced ultimate to his friends, and few of them got addicted and joined the team. Jérôme’s friends went through the very same process that he used on them, and that’s how the team slowly became bigger and bigger. Aaron’s friends joined the team as well, but only few of them stayed mainly because of work or personal reasons.

Few more players were recruited by Servane (Aaron’s wife). However, only one got excited by this project, and stayed with the team. This all bunch of people decided then to officially create the club. One remaining challenge (not the slightest!) was to find a suitable name for it. The whole team gathered up around dinner after practice, and started brainstorming all together. Some wanted to make puns using words like “ultimate” or “disc”, others were looking for funnier names and Aaron wanted to add “air” to every single try. It was a tough and endless discussion, but at the end, everyone agreed on the name “Révolution’air”, which was combining many advantages.

Once we got all the paperwork done, our team was all set to start playing nationals for the first time, and this is how this great team started! Nowadays, the club is still recruiting new players through friends of friends, or also this website.

Whether you’re a new comer or an experienced player to Ultimate Frisbee world, come and join us! We’ll do everything we can to make you love this sport as much as we do =)